The 10th International Conference on Experiments/ Process/ System Modeling/ Simulation/ Optimization (10th IC-EPSMSO) will take place at the ALEXANDREIO CONFERENCE CENTER.

The ALEXANDREIO CONFERENCE CENTER is located at the entrance of Loutraki (0.5 km of National Road Isthmou_Korinthou) and can accommodate hundreds of delegates. There is a bus service to and from Alexandreio Conference Center from the centre of Loutraki every hour. Also, there is taxi service between Loutraki city and the Alexandreio Conference Center. The one-way taxi-fare is 8-10 euros and the taxi-center call number is 2774061000.

It is designed with international standards and is equipped with modern technological and audiovisual equipment. It has a main amphitheater of 400 seats, multipurpose rooms, foyer, restaurant, cloakroom, as well as translation and interpretation services, a private terrace and spacious parking. Its spaces are accessible to people with disabilities.

It hosts conferences and international scientific and business meetings and at the same time, it provides the opportunity to organize cultural events (theatrical performances, musical and dance events), lectures and exhibitions of high standards.

The venue is available, upon request, for the organization of events, in accordance with the rules of operation of the Center, in order to offer a unique meeting and exchange of views.

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