EXTENDED – VERY LAST Announcement & Call for Papers

PREAMBLE: Due to malicious cyberattack, we have not been receiving emails sent to us, without the senders being informed of the non-delivery of the emails.  The issue is being resolved, but due to the conference proximity, the deadline for the submission of abstracts is extended to:

31 May, 2022

When sending email to secretariat@lfme.gr, please also CC tsahalis@lfme.gr

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this unexpected development.

The Learning Foundation in Mechatronics (LFME), Athens, Greece, is organizing the 10th International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering (10th IC-SCCE) to be held in Athens, Greece, from July 6th to July 9th, 2022.

The Chairman of the 10th International Conference International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering (IC-SCCE), Prof. Demos T. Tsahalis, also Director of LFME, invites all scientists and engineers from the academic, scientific, engineering and industrial sectors to participate in the Conference and to contribute both in the promotion and dissemination of the scientific knowledge. Please forward to colleagues of yours that you think might be interested in participating.

      Contributions Invited
Contributions related to any aspects from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering and Numerical Analysis are enthusiastically encouraged. The contributions will be published in the Conference Proceedings with ISSN number 2241-8865 and ISBN number 978-618-84028-4-3.
Abstracts of papers proposed for oral or poster presentation at the 10th IC-SCCE should be approximately 200 words in length and must be submitted together with the abstract cover sheet. Before acceptance, all contributions will be assessed by experienced reviewers.

       Conference Language
The Conference language will be English.

       Important Dates

§ Deadline for the submission of Abstracts:
          May 31th, 2022

§ Notification of Acceptance:
          June 6th, 2022

§ Deadline of full paper submission:
          June 20th, 2022