Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics
M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering
Diploma Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Learning Foundation in Mechatronics (LFME),
Irakleiou 17
GR-11141 , Athens
Phone: +30-2121046907
E-mail: tsahalis @ lfme.gr

Born: March 20, 1948, in Anavriti, Sparta, Greece
Marital Status: Married: Two sons
Home: Fragoklisias 46 B, Marousi, GR-15125, Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30-2110126729
Mobile +30-6936057757
E-mail: tsahalis@lfme.gr

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A.
(1972 – 1974) Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Engineering Mechanics. Major field: Fluid Mechanics, with minor fields of interest: Applied Mathematics, Elasticity, General Dynamics.
(1971 – 1972) M.Sc. (Master of Science) with Thesis in Aerospace Engineering.

National Technical University of Greece, Athens, Greece.
(1966 – 1971) Five-year Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Learning Foundation in Mechatronics (LFME), Athens, Greece,
2012 – Present: Director & Founder

University of Patras, Chemical Engineering Department, Patra, Greece,
1988 – 2011: Full Professor

Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Energy (LFME)
1990 – 2011 Director & Founder

Royal Dutch/Shell, Koninklijke/Shell Exploratie en Produktie Laboratorium, Engineering Department, Rijswijk/The Hague, The Netherlands.
1986 – 1988: Head of Offshore Structures and Pipelines Research Section

Shell Development Company, Westhollow Research Centre, Transportation (Offshore Pipelines and Risers) Research and Engineering Department, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
1984 – 1986: Staff Research Engineer
1979 – 1984: Senior Research Engineer
1974 – 1979: Research Engineer

University of Houston, Chemical Engineering Department, Houston Texas,U.S.A.
1978 – 1982: Adjunct Associate Professor